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jueves, 11 de junio de 2015

El Dorado may have been found.

Por GP Vaca

A very extensive archaeological site exist in Northern Ecuador. I believe is the real “El Dorado” or ancient Quito. It has 148 structures and 13 possible pyramids with ramps. Having explored the site and visited twice. I have taken pictures and have determined that the site is exactly under one of the most important ley lines in the world. The energy is very powerful that you can feel it in such a way that people reported of being able to see better and it was as if people were watching you. I drew a sketch of what the city may look like. There is a very clear architectural form and most importantly pyramids of considerable size.

Considering the amount of land that covers these pyramids, I think the tallest pyramid has at least 125 meters on each side and around 37 meters in height. Indicating exact measurements itself and that implies knowledge of mathematics.

I have taken the trouble to make an "artistic rendering" of the pyramids and I believe I am right in my assessment due to historical knowledge, location of other sites, water availability, and even today you can sense the energy of what could have been a fairly well developed city. Another very clear indication is that the birth place of Atahualpa is not that far away. I am hoping to get donations to support the research needed to determine that we are looking at the legendary Shyri Capital. I would like to be able to pay a satellite study; acquire a drone adapted with a new scanning system with “GPR" capability to determine the exact size of the structures and if these are built with stone and have vaults inside and interior rooms. 

Please help my cause. Any support will be appreciated and welcomed. You can do so in several ways: You can purchase my books and I will use all the funds to support the cause in Ecuador.

Laberinto de la Vida, solamente $2,99
You can send a donation to:
Germanico Vaca. 
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